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Many of our work-related crises are rooted in the role we play at work, how we play it and the underlying dynamics activated in the process.

We work with leaders to identify dynamics that shape the way they carry out their role, and how they influence company culture.

Our approach to role consultancy explores these issues, aiming to offer a progressive way of building specific skills to enable you to recognise these dynamics, understand what actions you can take in each case and offer containment for your teams and associates.

If you’re reading this you probably already know quite a bit about leadership (that’s why you managed to get this far, after all, right?). Well, don’t worry, we’re not here to coach you!

What we can do is help you to identify the dynamics at play not only in your team, but also in your personal narrative and history as a leader.

Along the way, you’ll learn to identify those dynamics in others and how you can use that knowledge to coach people, in turn.

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